Sarah Wissel

Hi, I’m Sarah.

I love solving the world's problems and building elegant products that create efficiency. 

I approach all problems with a design/data-driven mindset. I'm a product owner, growth marketer, self-taught poker player, sometimes book editor, and lover of all things Twitter. 

Currently, as the co-founder of Repeat, I am very excited to build my learnings on and obsession with efficiency into our platform. 

I seek to be inspired, work way too hard only for things that are worth it, and to be surrounded by those who bring out new parts of me I have yet discovered. I am actively learning about: effective altruism, design, UI/UX, game theory. 

I am passionate about innovation for good, and continue to be inspired by the likes of Bill & Melinda Gates and their commitment to dedicate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.

Oh, and I love my pomeranian, Moose.

Currently based in Venice, CA. If you’d like to talk, so would I! Whether you’re a like-minded or non-like-minded individual, I believe there is something to learn from everyone, so please do reach out


  • Product, UI/UX, growth marketing, conversion optimization, community building, copy writing/editing, email growth, analytics, data visualization


Repeat is a Smart Replenishment platform for Consumer Packaged Good (CPG) brands